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"We finished touring the Psalm 69 record and wanted to step away from Ministry for a rest, so we decided to record and finish a Revolting Cocks record: Linger Ficken' Good. Al and I chose to leave Chicago and move to Austin, which we thought would be fun, easy, inspiring, whatever. In 1993, once the Cocks music was done, we moved."

"Al bought a small resort complex outside of Austin and there we built up a studio to work on the new record. Just settling in took more than twice as long as we thought it would. But eventually we started working on new music."

"Our overriding concept was to, at any cost, avoid making Psalm 69 Part 2. As satisfying as that record was, doing more of the same was not an exciting prospect. We had some outtakes we couldn't even listen to, let alone finish. This meant steering clear of all the heavy sampling and layering techniques that had become the tried and true Ministry sound."

"Instead, we wanted to work on music live, with a band in the studio, and record the ideas as they came together. While in the studio working, as if to confirm our decision to go a new way, we watched as Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" and Marilyn Manson's "Portrait Of An American Family" both came out in 1994... Lots of layers. Loads of samples."

"We were also convinced that a more "live" approach would result in a fairly quick record. This process took toofucking long- people came and went, we had an Asian tour in the middle, equipment failed, storms of all kinds..."

"In 1996, after 4 years, we ended up finishing the record called Filth Pig at Chicago Trax Recording Studio on Halsted. A crushing record, we avoided our stereotype and achieved our goal. The artwork was really great and, as a bonus, no one understood it. I think that record has some pretty good songs..."

Paul Barker


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